News platforms across Australia published a story describing advanced systems as “superior” to the very basic app used to capture data for the NSW government’s contact-tracing database as industries called for a rethink of the overnight decision to make the free app compulsory for many businesses. 

CoolGard in the Canberra TimesThe story, by journalist Greta Stonehouse, was distributed to mass media via lightning-fast AAP news service syndication. With publicity reverberating in every corner of Australia, the brewing frustrations in the hospitality and retail sectors – those most severely affected by the NSW Government’s snap decision to make its own app compulsory – were suddenly given a voice that could not be ignored. This voice – calling for an urgent review of the government’s decision, was CoolGard’s own advocacy on behalf of all businesses to demand both freedom-of-choice in technology and the most reliable and immediate access to data for the government.

From the Canberra Times to the Newcastle Herald and the Daily Mail (Australia’s second-most popular online news platform after the ABC) – CoolGard grabbed the attention of people reading national news media, drawing focus to the massive inconvenience caused to hotels, licensed clubs, staff, and the public when many businesses were suddenly forced to shelve their advanced data-capturing devices and struggle with a too-simple app that was not suited to their needs.

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