Interviewed by senior journalist, Tom Burton, Australian Financial Review, a CoolGard spokesperson explained the urgent need for government to work with experts in private enterprise to ensure the public is protected by a bullet-proof contact tracing system for COVID-19. 

Other representatives of the Australian software industry agreed with Melanie Williamson, for CoolGard, on how the NSW government needed to work with certified software companies offering the most advanced COVID-19 premises management systems in the world – rather than sideline them. The message from CoolGard is that public health is too important for people to be short-changed by any lack of collaboration with enterprise by an elected government.

When the free Service NSW app crashed completely on Thursday 7 January 2021, turning the lights out on government contact-tracing data in the middle of an outbreak just one week after the NSW government had made its app compulsory for most businesses, and just one day after CoolGard representatives had warned the public (via the media) of the free system’s vulnerabilities, there were still no answers from the NSW government and calls to the office of the NSW Minister for Customer Service for urgent industry consultation had gone unanswered.

CoolGard has developed a temporary workaround for users in hospitality and affected retail businesses while pressure mounts on the NSW government to reconsider its decision and provide certified software companies with an API key (a short line of code). The API key will allow businesses to choose the most suitable data-capturing device for their business knowing that mandatory contact-tracing data is instantly and automatically transferred to the NSW government database.

Other states and the Federal government are already issuing API keys to software companies for the instant integration of data. These systems are working very reliably and there seems to be no reason whatsoever why the state of New South Wales would not be following the same example.

It’s a win-win situation and it would take only hours for the software companies to resolve problems for NSW once the government makes API keys available.

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