Changes announced by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, mean that companies can send workers home if they appear to be sick. Customers presenting with flu-like symptoms may also be refused service by businesses.

According to a report in the Daily Mail Australia by Kelsey Wilkie, “the government would protect and defend business owners and bosses” who send sick workers off-site rather than risk exposing co-workers and customers to potential COVID-19 infection.

CoolGard supports business owners and site managers with decision-making through automatic checking and monitoring of workers for the detectable symptoms of transmissible diseases such as influenza and COVID-19. Manual temperature-checking of staff is personally confronting and time-consuming to administer. CoolGard personnel screening is convenient and discreet. Supervisors and managers can receive instant alerts and appropriate next actions can be taken according to company policy with respect to the employee.

Effectively validating the rationale behind the development of CoolGard, the Daily Mail reported Brendan Murphy as saying, “All of us over our lives have … wanted to soldier on with a cold and flu-like illness, but we cannot do that anymore.”

Countries that have lifted lockdown restrictions and returned close to business-as-usual have suffered a second wave of the virus. With so much at stake in the continuing management of public health in pandemic conditions, workers and people visiting workplaces need greater assurance of the health of people they’re in contact with.