CoolGard is the touchless staff and visitor management system for automatic contact-tracing compliance with astonishing dashboard control and visitor insights

How CoolGard works for offices, hospitality venues, stores, gyms, industrial sites, clinics, all facilities

AI facial recognition of staff and regular visitors

Easily upload users from existing systems (payroll, membership databases, etc), or users can register individually for a one-time-only setup that can be totally touch-free. CoolGard devices can instantly recognize registered users – staff and regular visitors – even if wearing sunglasses, helmets, or face masks. Facial recognition is friendly for registered users, eg: “Hello, Joe” and records are updated instantly. Non-diagnostic IR readings are offered automatically. Also reassuring is that CoolGard’s data security is equal to online banking data security and privacy is protected to Australian legislative standards.

CoolGard can integrate with HR/payroll to replace clock-in-and-out systems. CoolGard can integrate with door systems for fully automatic control of entry/exit points. CoolGard is Australian-developed, so you can talk with a CoolGard developer about any customizations you might need.

Capture contact details by QR code or on-screen

CoolGard station with floorstand device and hand sanitizer

To assist with more rapid contact tracing, CoolGard can capture guest contact details via QR code (using the person’s smartphone), or by manual entry using the on-screen keyboard. CoolGard can also scan and capture common forms of ID such as driver’s licenses, membership cards, etc (customized OCR integration POA).

You’ll know who entered your premises; when they entered; and how long they stayed (using check-out). For larger sites, you can even know where people had access, and/or perhaps even who they saw.

All captured information remains fully secured within the CoolGard system. CoolGard is no hassle compared to maintaining paperwork or inspecting ID and it’s not so easy for anyone to put themselves and others at risk by giving false details.

Automatically check for variable risk factors

CoolGard handles pre-screening for temperature in seconds using algorithmic infrared facial mapping, which may encourage further testing with a TGA-certified thermometer for appropriate next actions to be taken. You can also configure CoolGard devices to ask questions, like: “Have you been interstate within the last two weeks?” Whenever CoolGard detects potential increased risk, the user is informed onscreen. Customizable instructions tell them what to do next. Site supervisors are instantly alerted to any potential risk via automatic SMS sent to their mobile/cellphone.

It’s only when someone has visited your premises and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 that the contact-tracing capabilities of CoolGard can help authorities to alert anyone who might have been exposed to the identified risk. Rapid and pinpoint-accurate contact tracing is key to avoiding regional lockdowns as the pandemic conditions continue throughout the coming years.

Real-time alerts and monitoring dashboards

CoolGard facial recognition AI dashboardWhen a risk is detected, CoolGard informs [a] the user, onscreen; [b] supervisors and managers onsite or offsite via SMS mobile/cellphone alerts, and/or emails, to ensure next actions are taken onsite; and [c] managers with access to real-time monitoring dashboards to view, filter, print, or export reports from home, work, wherever they are. Any number of sites can be monitored from one CoolGard multi-site dashboard.

CoolGard monitoring dashboards display activities in a snapshot overview with drill-down to individual user data. Reporting provides forensic-standard evidence of diligence and compliance. Information is crystal-clear and always available. If contact tracing is ever needed for your premises, you can generate precise, fully detailed reports within seconds.

Manage venue capacity limits and time onsite

When CoolGard devices are used to check-in and check-out of the premises, venue capacity limits are easily managed. Also, the CoolGard system can be set to limit the time visitors may spend onsite. No more stress for staff trying to locate and muster any overstayers. CoolGard can send automatic SMS mobile/cellphone alerts to visitors when their time to leave is approaching, and reminders if their exit from the site is overdue. Site supervisors can also receive automatic SMS alerts when visitors overstay, to coordinate the next actions more effectively.

Print labels or passes – replace visitor books

Print labels, passes, or badges on any printer via USB connection. Staff can wear badges to assure customers they’ve been checked by CoolGard at the start of their shift. Visitor labels can show additional information such as who the visitor is there to visit, where they’re permitted access, and even the time allowed for their visit. Not every premises needs this level of site management but if yours does, CoolGard can handle it for you.

The CoolGard system can be customized to meet any specialized needs in critical operations, such as hospitals and aged care. Whatever you need to help manage conditions and regulations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond – just ask the CoolGard team.

Multi-level real-time management dashboards

No site is too small to use CoolGard and no organization too large. Multi-level dashboard monitoring of real-time CoolGard data is available for the safer management of franchise networks, hotel groups, and other multi-site operations.


CoolGard station with floorstand device and hand sanitizer
CoolGard facial recognition AI dashboard
CoolGard premises sticker

Fully integrated CoolGard can replace outmoded employee time-clocking and in/out systems – ask for more info

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    CoolGard Evening Star Hotel Surry Hills AI facial recognition

    CoolGard at the Evening Star Hotel, Surry Hills, inner Eastern Sydney NSW

    CoolGard Westmead Tavern AI facial recognition

    CoolGard at the Westmead Tavern, Sydney NSW, near Westmead Hospital

    Featured news about CoolGard and premises management in pandemic conditions

    Workplaces have always been hot-spots for transmissible illnesses, starting with the common cold and influenza. We track the latest developments and news relating to technology for managing COVID-19.

    With CoolGard, it remains essential to maintain hand and surface sanitization, physical distancing, and all measures that are recommended in your area to help stop the spread of COVID-19

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